About Second Grade

In Second Grade at Norton Creek we work to build independence and success through fun and challenging learning opportunities. We guide our work with the Norton Creek 3B’s:
Be Kind, Be Respectful, and Be a Problem Solver.

Students engage in Reading and Writing Workshop daily as part of a balanced literacy framework. This includes opportunities to participate in share reading/writing, read aloud, guided reading, conferring, independent practice in reading/writing activities, phonics and phonemic awareness instruction, and handwriting.

Our primary math resource is Eureka Math. 2nd grade students focus on understanding number systems and place value for most of the school year, developing a strong understanding of the base ten system. We also learn about measurement, build foundations for multiplication, introduce fractions and telling time to 5 minute intervals, and work really hard to understand and solve one- and two-step word problems.

Our Science curriculum centers around 4 units: Forces of Matter, The Changing Earth, Form and Function, and Butterflies. Students engage in the engineering design process to apply their learning and knowledge to real-life situations.

Social Studies
In Social Studies, we learn about types of communities, government workers, goods and services, needs and wants, producers and consumers, and communities past and present. We use inquiry and research to develop our understanding of these topics.

Second Grade Staff

KB Kristin Berry

2nd Grade Teacher

LS Laurelie Schaeffer

2nd Grade Teacher

EB Emily Bruneman

2nd Grade Teacher