About Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a very important year at Norton Creek! It is during this year that your child will get their first taste of formal schooling. We have so much in store!

Students will practice social skills while interacting and participating in small group and whole group settings. They will practice using appropriate words to express themselves.

Students will also become independent thinkers and problem solvers as we teach strategies to encourage their independence. With guidance and support, students will learn how to independently use resources and tools to work through simple problems such as zipping their coat, opening their snack or putting on their shoes.

Kindergartners at Norton Creek are given ample opportunity to demonstrate and practice their emerging literacy skills. We start early with letter and sound identification and eventually move towards using that knowledge when reading and writing independently through a variety of texts.

With math, they will be given ample opportunities to develop their mathematical thinking skills and conversational skills. Not only will they be able to come up with an answer, but they will also be able to defend their thinking. We want them talking about math!

Finally, students will have the chance to explore science through units of life cycles, weather, and more.

Again, welcome to Norton Creek! We are here for YOU and YOUR CHILD. We believe that the home-school connection is of upmost importance. Together we are stronger for your child, so feel free to contact either of us at any time during their kindergarten journey!

Kindergarten Staff

MC Marcy Cribaro

Kindergarten Teacher

LM Lisa McNally

Kindergarten Teacher

TR Tracy Read

Kindergarten Teacher