Staff Directory

Last Name First Name E-mail Department Telephone
Adam Jennifer Second Grade 331-228-6092
Amedeo Susan Program Assistant 331-228-6002
Anderson Jennifer Fifth Grade 331-228-6093
Anthony Laura EC Assistant 331-228-6476
Berry Kristin Second Grade 331-228-6095
Caspers Cindy ELL Teacher 331-228-6099
Cribaro Marcy Kindergarten 331-228-6100
Dieter Lori Reading Specialist 331-228-2298
DiFiglio Caroline Third Grade 331-228-5642
Dykes Mary Program Assistant 331-228-5043
Fanthorpe Catherine Life Skills Intermediate 331-228-6102
Fowler Shona Physical Therapist 331-228-5982
Fowler Katrina Third Grade 331-228-6104
Frey Darla EC Assistant 331-228-5912
Friend Rachel Fourth Grade 331-228-6105
Gallaugher-Beetstra Adrianne Music 331-228-6106
Gansemer Sonja Program Assistant 331-228-2478
Geskie Jeannette RN Classroom Assistant 331-228-2778
Geyer Amy First Grade 331-228-6107
Gilley Mark Maintenance 331-228-5208
Gilroy Sara Fifth Grade 331-228-6108
Gloor Monica Speech/Language Therapist/EC 331-228-6109
Gress Sarah Resource Teacher 331-228-6110
Griffin Christie Instructional Support Coach 331-228-6755
Gutesha Erica Life Skills Primary 331-228-6111
Hieber Jennifer Life Skills 331-228-5623
Howells Kimberly Fourth Grade 331-228-6114
Hubbard Gina LRC Director 331-228-5733
Huber Tracy EC Assistant 331-228-6040
Jordahl Becky Reading Specialist 331-228-6169
Kafkas Stephen Fifth Grade 331-228-6115
Kenon Bridget Psychologist 331-228-5901
Klos Deborah Speech/Language Therapist 331-228-6117
Lydigsen Jennifer Band 331-228-5801
McGannon Virginia Social Worker 331-228-6508
Mercado Rogelio Head Custodian 331-228-6122
Messacar Alexandra Kindergarten 331-228-2700
Michalisko John Physical Education 331-228-6123
Misner Julie Physical Education 331-228-6124
Noreen Brittany Certified Nurse 331-228-5687
Novotny Therese AT Specialist 331-228-6129
O'Brien Amanda Resource Teacher 331-228-6130
Olinger Lisa EC/Preschool Teacher 331-228-6512
Pauling Deborah Administrative Assistant to Principal 331-228-6131
Payne Jennifer Inclusion Assistant 331-228-5946
Rortvedt Daniel Occupational Therapist 331-228-6233
Roth Debra Inclusion Assistant 331-228-6134
Ruscheinsky Amanda Social Worker 331-228-6078
Sabathne Tricia EC/Preschool Teacher 331-228-5727
Sampson Leann Health Assistant 331-228-5689
Scharping Kristin EC Psychologist 331-228-6139
Schechtel Tasia First Grade 331-228-6140
Simkus Joyce Art 331-228-6141
Smith Linda Teaching Assistant ELL 331-228-6192
Sterling Kim Inclusion Assistant 331-228-5260
Strom Madonna Administrative Assistant 331-228-2700
Verbout Kim LRC Assistant 331-228-6144
Vial Ashley Program Assistant 331-228-5981
White Anthony Principal 331-228-6131
Wicinski Gina Health Assistant 331-228-6145
Wifler Angela Orchestra 331-228-6789

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