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Practice Tips

Practicing is not always easy! Often times it takes students awhile (it took me years!) before they see the rewards of daily practicing. Here are some tips to make practicing easier:

  • Get into a routine. Make practice just like homework. It is best to spread out the practicing over several days.
  • Practice wiht a friend, sibling or parent.
  • Prepare for an at-home concert. Have your cuild practice a favorite song and play it for the family after dinnertime.
  • Practice wiht the CD (especially beginners). This is very useful for playing a steady beat.
  • Visite Metronome online to have a steady click to go along with your playing. Click on any number around the circle to have the click go faster or slower.
  • Play at family events and holidays.
  • Always play through an old favorite song at the beginning or end of the practice.

To learn a new song or exercise, remind your child of these steps:

  • Say the note names.
  • Say the finger numbers.
  • Play a row or a chunk.
  • Repeat the hard parts.
  • Play entire part again.


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